My Nokia 2112 is fix :)

I’ve just get back from roxy, my intention go to roxy is to buy new cdma handset, because my current handset Nokia 2112 is in bad condition. The light can’t be appear, so if I want to make a phone call at night, I have to turn on light first :). I already go to 3 service store, none of them can’t fix my cdma handset.

When I was in roxy, I search a brand new cdma handset with price around 500 rb rp, but when i ask in one store can you fix my nokia 2112, she told me where to fix it.

So here we are at the store that I hope can fix my handset, then voilaaa in 45 minute my Nokia 2112 is fix again….

Cost of it? 100rb

Do you want to know where the store/service who can fix it?

Any Comm

ITC Roxy Mas. Lt. 1 No. 104C

Jl. K.H Hasyim Ashari Jakarta Pusat 10150 telp (021) 6336115

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