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There are countless recipes for chili sauces, and the only thing they share in common is the use of chili peppers.

But from the picture below, some of chili sauces, they are green chili with water, chili sauce like in mcd restaurant and chili mix with coconut.

Aneka Sambal di acara kick off 13 feb 09
Chili variaty

3 thoughts on “Sambal”

  1. Dave
    For Ikan bakar, we usually use gurame (carp fish) or Nila fish.
    And for the sambal, usually its combination of tomat, red chili , some sugar and salt

    For Ikan bakar chili, the common sambal is like this,
    Fried the tomato and red chili in hot cooking oil for a while (until they shine), then mix all of them by hand or blender.

    Hope it work

  2. I would like to know how to make the sambal that is commonly used in Nasi Lemak. It seems to be a useful tip by including the Nasi Lemak Sambal into the Ikan Bakar (Local, Singapore/Malaysian style – grill fish). To do Ikan Bakar what kind of fish to use? Can I use Ikan Selah? What about using sotong or udang instead of fish?


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