Enemy of the weight

Enemy of the weight is:

  1. time to excersice
  2. food with fat
  3. eating behavior
  4. commitment

How to conqure all of enemy of the weight?

  1. Beat time to execersise by start walking. Park your car on the end of parking way and start walking
  2. food with fat? start eating green vegetables, like spinach or kangkung. Eat gado-gado or salad if you don’t like vegetables, heh?
  3. Eating behavior? start chew your food slowly. If you remember when your child, your teacher told you to chew 32 times, try do that
  4. commitmen, it take a time to conqure weight.

13 thoughts on “Enemy of the weight”

  1. have you visited any nutritionists to assure that those things are scientifically/medically proven? 😉

    Ntar ketuker sama mitos lagi 😉 Masalah orang diet/mo nurunin berat badan kan gitu. Berasa bener, tau2 cuma mitos, trus sakit aja… 😛

  2. It takes a single step to begin [ walking, and working-out, as well as balanced diet] to really make those six-packs shape to slowly appearing…if otherwise, one should accept the “six-bags” figure 🙂

  3. Well, a giant leap starts from the first step one do the walking.. 🙂
    That applies to me as well —> the worst procrastinator

    Seneng udh bisa mampir kesini, salam hangat dari Monrovia..

  4. Wanna hear my secret to maintain my weight?
    1. Walking/cycling to work, I walk 1.5 hours everyday 🙂 coz i don’t have car :p
    2. Avoid cooking oil/fried on your meals
    3. in case you have to use cooking oil, please use sunflower seeds cooking oil.
    It’s the best cooking oil, comparing to others (coconut, palm, canola, corn).
    4. Best to steam all your food or baked.
    5. Take off the Chicken skin.
    6. Get rid of beef fat, only eat fat-free beef/mutton.
    7. Visit your nutritionist regularly


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