Fixing sitemap

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Fixing sitemap

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Now I can have topic to write, at least this is topic I remember this time :), beside 1 kg for 1 month, but this is later topic 🙂

Few weeks ago I wrote my pagerank going to zero, I thought this is because of my blog dissaper from internet, well it don’t.

After this blog come to alive I make sure that my pagerank is coming back again, 4. But I think I have to wait. While I’m trying to make my pagerank back I notice that my sitemap is error, Oh ya I notice the error from google webmaster for sitemap. The error is

URL not allowed
This url is not allowed for a Sitemap at this location. [?]

After going to help page the explanation is

URL not allowed

Google has detected some URLs that appear to be at a higher level or different domain than the Sitemap file location. If you receive this error, try moving your Sitemap file to a higher location in your site and submitting again. For instance, if your Sitemap is listed under, the following URLs are not valid for that sitemap

* – it’s at a higher level than the Sitemap
* – it’s in a directory parallel to the Sitemap

You should also check that the urls all begin with the same domain as your Sitemap location. For instance, if your sitemap is listed under, the following URLs are not valid for that sitemap:

* – it’s in the domain rather than the domain
* – it’s missing the initial www
* – it’s missing the protocol (http)
* – it’s using a different protocol (https rather than http)

Any URLs in the Sitemap that are not denied are processed normally.

I ask this problem at and someone told me to make sure placing sitemap.xml.

Well It’s worth to try :), so I delete the file and create it again.

After resubmit to google webmaster, I notice there’s no erros , Horeeeee…

Now I think I just have to wait when my pagerank is back.

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