Halal Bihalal ID-gmail at Daeng Rate

Finally, after few kopdar I missed I attend the Halal bi halal of ID-gmail. The provocator of course is the one and only koh fahmi, he announced there will be kopdar in jl. sabang, to be exactly is on Daeng Rate restaurant, it’s Makassar restaurant with speciality of konro.

When I arrived at scene there they fahmi, vini and ucoq in there, so we order drink first. As usual I order not sweet tea and the other order avocado juice, green banana ice (es pisang ijo) and milk with soda.

no sweet tea avocado juice green banana ice

well the main course is konro asam pedas konro asam pedas, the taste? is very very yummy, but they don’t stock the menu a lot, since when I want to re order this menu it’s already sold out.

Oh ya, the people who attend the halal bihalal are

  1. Me, Andriansah
  2. Budi byonics
  3. Fahmi
  4. Ucoq
  5. Deden
  6. Adhi nugraha
  7. Adiguna
  8. Arie
  9. Herry
  10. Azil
  11. Nugi
  12. Budizainer
  13. Vini
  14. Tony
  15. SHEtiawan
  16. Lupin

I think I already mention all who attends, the pictures you can see them here. And if there’s no link to those name, please add by yourself on comment.

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  1. Sebanarnya saya punya personal website, tapi bukan blog (url ada di link). Dan utk sementara di situ gak ada profil saya, hehehe.. masih belum memiliki cukup rasa narsis utk bikin blog atau memuat profil diri di web pribadi. Tapi kalo mau dimasukkin, ya boleh aja, siapa tau nanti saya bikin blog di sana.


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