Happy Birthday to me

Happy birthday to me..
Happy birthday to me..

28 years since i born
Hope there is time :
to be wiser
to become daddy
to be richer

to see indonesian rule the world
to see indonesian without coruption
to see indonesian using free software

6 april 2005

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me”

  1. Selamat ulang tahun yach, smoga panjang umur
    telat banget ngucapinya….
    tapi ga papa masih dalam bulan April (ngeles… :D)
    makasih yach udah isi blogku
    n salam kenal juga…

  2. happy birthday 😀
    semoga to..to..to yg di atas itu tercapai semua
    wah 28 tahun, hmm cuma beda setauh nih 😉

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