I have Rp.

Yes Rp. in my account (I don’t know when 🙂 )

But when I have that amount of money I believe the price for 1 litre of premium could be Rp. 10000 🙂 or worst maybe back to 90’s when premium price is Rp. 700 🙂 (I wish )

So I have Rp. in my account, what do I do with this money?

  1. Pay up my House credit
  2. pay up my credit card and other debt
  3. fix the house so I can live or rent it again 🙂
  4. Sell my car and buy other car with more efficient and more fuel consumption
  5. saving in Deposito
  6. make mutual fund differ in 3 type, stock, pendapatan tetap and syariah index
  7. make account for emergency fund.
  8. buy insurance for me and my family
  9. Pay zakat (this should be at first 🙂 ) and donation to other need people
  10. Going vacation
  11. Saving in bank for daily use

There should be for startup, but well maybe in next Rp.

9 thoughts on “I have Rp.”

  1. if i were you i’ll rent a helicopter,
    i will spread 30% of the total in 50.000’s bank note in sidoarjo area.
    20% to make free internet connection in rural area,
    20% donated to the poor
    9.5% donated to Indonesian Blogger community.

    5% for the helicopter cost.

    As for me, I will be very happy when everybody happy..
    I just need to sleep again
    and got another
    just for my self

  2. jgn bahas duitnya mo dipake apa, tapi tell us how to get it :p
    kalo masalah ngabisin duid 1 M mah anak SD juga bisa, dapetinnya yg repot wahahahaha


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