Is this gmail bug??

This week I experience that when I open my account on gmail and login succesfully the memory usage of firefox will increase a lot until my computer will acting like my old pentium 166 with mmx (I miss my old computer). I don’t know why gmail take a lot of resource, this thing happened on mozilla firefox on windows and Linux (mandriva and ubuntu).

First I thought because I open a lot of tab (more than 5 tab) then it will take a lot of resource, but when I close gmail, the firefox memory usage will drop a lot!, I mean a lot, because when I open gmail the memory grew up crazy to 111mb (on linux) then when I close gmail soon it will go to 44mb even when I open another tab.

On Windows it will the same thing, open different website then open gmail until succesfuly login then compare the memory usage of firefox

I want to ask this to google team but I don’t know the contact email.

3 thoughts on “Is this gmail bug??”

  1. *baru baca*

    gw jg pernah ngalamin kejadian mirip kaya gini. resource komputer lgs meningkat pemakaiannya saat buka gmail. eh salah, id-gmail!! serius! di label yg lain masih lebih “ringan” daripada saat buka label id-gmail =))

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