June Afternoon

Bulan juni selalu mengingatkan saya dengan lagu dari Duo Roxette yang diluncurkan tahun 1996, diantara lagu-lagu hits dari Duo Roxette, lagu june afternoon merupakan lagu yang sangat ramah ditelinga dan mudah diikuti.  Pengantar teman belajar pada waktu itu ketika kuliah di Budi Luhur.

Ini liriknya dan langsung dinyanyikan saja đŸ˜‰


“June Afternoon”

Didn’t I tell you everything is possible in this deja vu?
Try the river boat, the carousel, feed the pigeons, Bar-B-Q.
Look at all the people, happy faces all around.
Smiling, throwing kisses, busy making lazy soundsIt’s a bright June afternoon, it never gets dark.
Wah-wah! Here comes the sun.
Get your green, green tambourine, let’s play in the park.
Wah-wah! Here comes the sun

Some folks are on blankets, slowly daydreaming
and reaching for their food.
Let’s go buy an ice-cream and a magazine with an attitude
and put on a cassette, we can pretend that you’re a star
cos life’s so very simple just like la-la-la

It’s a bright June afternoon…

There’s a painter painting his masterpiece.
There are some squirrels jumping in the trees,
There’s a wide-eyed boy with a red balloon.
All my life I’ve longed for this afternoon.

Langsung saja nonton di youtube untuk lagu ini.

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