My Adsense Revenue

I want to follow what john chow post this month on his blog or what cosa wrote about should he disclose his income revenue from adsense and he thinks the time is not right to show off 🙂

Well for me, I just a person who blog to fulfill my need, I’m expecting more revenue from adsense, only adsense. I don’t do other online monetized blog because I’m still confuse with configuration of these theme and trying to bringback my pagerank 🙂

well here we go

My adsense income is


$40, for all time total earnings 😀

Yap it’s very not apropriate figure to wrote but I don’t shame :). I have adsense account for more than 2 years and the income is not satisfied me :). But I try to keep posting to ensure I will have better income. Or open new domain like how to lose 1kg every month.

Weel wish me luck.

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