Nobody can reach you in Indonesia

I don’t know how I feel right now, flattered, dissapointed or none. I’ve got this story from ardho, when I blogwalking say that my country Indonesia is mention on P.Diddy new song called “Diddy Rock”. At first I’m very flattered because P. Diddy mention my country, then when I analyze the lyrics and listen to the music I got dissapointed

This is the part of lyrics

come here girl
let me prepare your world
let me see the backside of your moon
no vickies only la pearls
let me take you indonesia
where nobody can reach us
theres no need to take your phone
cause you far away from home
baby let me be your tour guide
i’m your burger
you my fries

  1. He mention Indonesia like Indonesia is an old country where there’s no telecommunication
  2. Indonesia is escape place from every problem, well this is not true, because Indonesia have a lot problem, and when you go to Indonesia you will face new problem and of course you can contact other people with you cellphone
  3. The song is like some mambo jumbo song

Am I proud? nope

Do you?

ps:this is the full lyrics

ps:you can download the song from here

7 thoughts on “Nobody can reach you in Indonesia”

  1. I don’t think so.

    Maybe they just perceive Indonesia as a country so far far away, a place to go when they leave home.

    Sort of my view towards Timbuktu, I guess.

    The boy in that song just urge his lover to leave all behind. No phones or other things, just their love/lust, no interruption whatsoever.

    Let’s think this way:
    For somebody whose everyday life is full of phone rings, buzz n’ bugs… A place without phone is a paradise.

    That phone thingy never meant to ridicule our country, that’s what I see.

  2. the way i see it: any publicity is good publicity 😀 hihihii..
    (menghibur diri :D)
    and for it to come from p.diddy…
    i think, some from his fanbase would probably be interested to go to indonesia to see whether indonesia is *that* isolated. so, more people coming to indonesia (for whatever reason) is probably a good start.
    and anyway, maybe it’s a romantic getaway place? (just the two, and nobody else type thing).
    keep it coming 😀

  3. apakabar mas?lama saya ga berkunjung. sebelumnya mohon maaf lahir batin yach :). pada kenyataannya tidak semua bule tau letak INDONESIA boro-borotempatnya, wong namanya juga baru denger. padahal sering loh masuk berita tapi sayang beritnya yang jelek2 🙁


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