Proxy di Firefox 1.5.x

Today, in the office I’m using firefox, after refuse to use it since 1.5.x. Why? because simce FF 1.5.x it can’t save the username and password for proxy I entered in the prompt screen, even when i thick save password, it keeps asking for username and password. Because of that I still using the FF 1.0.7 🙂

Since this afternoon, after download FF with google toolbar, I go to the firefox forum and found this link that I need.
To solve the problem you only change the value in the config of your FF

1. Type in the Address bar about:config
2. Type in the filter to find network.negotiate-auth.allow-proxies
3. Change the value to true false (double click on it)
4. Then restart your FF, you will see the different, you just enter once for username n password

Dalam bahasa Indonesia
kalo di FF, kalo loe pake proxy (gw isa server) pasti akan selalu di minta username dan password, walaupun loe udah tandain untuk save password, solusi untuk masalah ini adalah
1. ketik di address bar about:config
2. cari/filter network.negotiate-auth.allow-proxies
3. ubah value menjadi true false (double click aja)
4. restart FF loe dan loe hanya masukin 1 kali aja untuk username dan passwordnya

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  1. Man you are the best.
    Was trying to solve the problem for several months too, only now your advice helped.


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