Pupylinux 4.2 Indonesian Link

Puppy Linux is an operating system for computers. Other well-known operating systems are Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX, and MS-DOS. Puppy Linux is based on GNU/Linux. It is completely free and open source software.

How is Puppy Different?

  • Small size, around 93MB! This lends itself to some very useful and unique features
  • ‘Live’ booting from CDs, DVDs, USB flash drives, and other portable media.
  • Ability to run entirely from RAM, making it unusually fast and particularly relevant to modern PCs with solid state CF drives as used in Netbooks
  • Very low minimum system requirements
  • Boot times, well under a minute
  • Usability and Compatibility
  • Complete range of applications: wordprocessors, spreadsheets, internet browsers, games and image editors. Extra software in the form of dotpets and dotpups. There is a Puppy Software Installer included
  • Puppy is easy to use and little technical knowledge is assumed. Hardware is automatically detected. You will often find, whereas on other operating systems you had to install extra driver software to get your particular device functioning, Puppy will succesfully detect and install the driver without prompting.

How is Puppy organised?

It depends on what is trying to be achieved

Version 4.2 of Puppy is a benevolent dictatorship run by project leader Warren
Individual projects are run by individuals or a core cell of individuals
Because Puppy is both flexible and fast, we can set up an organization as required for a given aim

To all of you who want to download puppylinux 4.2 from Indonesian link, you can try to download from here


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  2. ini adalah link untuk download dari indonesia, biar lebih cepat downloadnya, daripada harus ke link langsungnya.

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