Rainy Season, NOW

I already mention in my previous post that rain season is coming in this november, I don’t know if my guess is right or not, but indeed after my post, rain is start again everyday, almost everyday. The whether weather is not hot anymore, the humidity is lower to soggy, and most important the dust on the street slowly but sure are wiped out..

This year rain season is not come like usual time before, when I remember in elementary school my teacher told us that rain rainy season usually come in month that ended with letter “ber” like september, oktober, november and desember. Usually rainy season come in September, but for the last 2 year, rain rainy season come with perfect schedule.

With rainy season come late this year it mean the time for farmers to plant their rice seed is moving backward than usually and the domino effect of this situation the price for rice is getting higher and higher.

I have some thought with rain season


  1. The weather is not hot anymore,
  2. street is more clean cleaner
  3. the air is more fresh fresher than before but it only a moment, because it replace by pollution 🙂


  1. After the rain street will have traffic jam like hel*
  2. If people don’t put their garbage in proper way, there will be another hel* of flood like 2004 and 1996

How about you?

2 thoughts on “Rainy Season, NOW”

  1. “rain season” should be “rainy season”. “whether” and “wether” should be “weather”. “more clean” should be “cleaner”. “more fresh” should be “fresher”. “propper” should be “proper”. “wipe out” should be “wiped out”


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