Slampp live cd

Right now I’m using slampp on my virtual pc and connected through ssh with putty.
I haven’t try the GUI, since i need the command line editor.

root@slampp:# vi
-su: vi: command not found

WHAT??? no vi?

root@slampp:# joe
-su: joe: command not found

gggrrrhhhhh no joe too?

root@slampp:~# pico

Now the application is running, but since i don’t familiar with pico, I think I’m just gonna use mc 🙂

Aniway this distribution is complete enough for those who want to try to build/learning server on linux and don’t want to install it on the harddisk.
This is build by Kemas Antonius. I’m proud of you

I try as live CD and the xfce window manager is impress me, the firefox have some plugin too.
Too bad they don’t have openoffice, but hey this is a server don’t expect much.
Oh ya I can’t install it on my computer.

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