Why I don’t watch TVRI?

  1. Most of program are live program, so little program that not live
  2. what, watch TVRI?
  3. There’s more than 50 channel, why you have to watch TVRI?

Yap this posting is for fill the gap between my last post

3 thoughts on “Why I don’t watch TVRI?”

  1. Kebalikannya…..sy malah seneng bgt nonton TVRI!

    Krn kaya acara budaya., compared dgn TV swasta nasional yg isinya cuma sinetron uhuk…uhuk….kaya tapi jahat, ibu tiri yang ganas, yg pake jilbab harus merana disiksa, miskin harus rela dihina, orang jahat dikuburnya jadi berulat-ulat, musik dangdut tapi goyangan medusa, dll…dll…dll….

    I really love TVRI!

    Sama dengan discovery channel, cuma beda di modal….


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