Year In Review

Hi all

Maybe this is the last post on 2014, since I don’t do blog much often like it use to be.

So What have happen in 2014

  • I work with people around Indonesia by using facebook. Yes that facebook, made by mark z. How Come? by bus. So we realize even when a lot of people using high end handset with Android/BB/Ios support but more than 68% of them don’t want to read email from their phone and calling from their phone too, why? because they don’t have time to always check and recheck. But they always have time to check to social media :D.
  • My work for Indonesia through KPU is handling all people who will be use their voice on Indonesia elections and make sure they have they name on
  • Me and my family still have change to traveling to Singapore and Bali.
  • I setup my own VPS by using one time payment for live. I host some of domain in this VPS and tuning so it could be fast to access from Indonesia.
  • I have another child, we name him Raqendra Kareem

Well that is my year in review, how about you?

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