2nd Day of Ramadan

Today I feel lucky, because I can be a passenger of Mercedes Benz C 180, yeah, I’m norak :). My dad friend, Om Mundji passes by me and ask me whether I want to go with him. Of course I don’t say no :), I enter the car, put safety belt and wooowwww the car is very good and comfortable. With Automatic transmission he doesn’t need to use his left feet. I wonder when I can have this car 🙂

On this 2nd day of Ramadan, the road is still empty, I don’t find any traffic jam in the, maybe because some of elementary, junior and senior high schools are not going to school :).

At the office I find the low activity, maybe because today is the first ramadan or maybe they are trying to save their energy for fasting :).

At work I found new trouble, The printer don’t print (wadaw), the user already asking why the report not printed. When my friends check, he found that because the electricity shutdown on last saturday, there is some change on the configuration. Well I don’t know exactly the problem, but when tandem shut down, usually there’s some problem on the next working day.

How about you?

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