friday with udang pencet bakar


8:00pm after 3 times visit dekoz at kemang, finnaly got sit for 2, order udang pancet galah, kepiting saos padang, tumis kangkung, 2 rice, 1 ice tea, 1 tea

Taste :

Udang pencet baker taste regurlary, not as I expected

Tumis kangkung taste good

Kepeting saos padang taste great, even I don’t like to eat because I have to crack the feet of crab but the taste is good

Cost: 70K

Service: the waiter is not fast to take order even some of them use PDA, yes PDA with brand HP in their hand. I don’t know if it connect to the server or just replacement of paper to write order :). If the PDA is use for take order like in MK restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand where after the waiter input customer order, in less than 10 minutes the food is coming. But in De kosz, it doesn’t do that way. 🙂

Do I will come back again? hmmmm 50:50 I would like to come back.

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