Google Addict

What first you do after you know someone at the mall, store, or somewhere else off the internet?

When I get the internet connection I start my Firefox browser, address the URL to and type the person name on the text box and click the search button.

And what do you know, you will find the information about this people on the internet, you get the past history of people you know, the activity, even the phone number 🙂

When I found error on my computer, I search on to find the answer and most of the time I found the answer.
I think I call my self Google Addict

How about You?

7 thoughts on “Google Addict”

  1. Well they already in package.

    Like I wrote, when i see/know/remember something new, when I have internet connection available, I usually search to 🙂

  2. “google addict”..??

    hmm.. interesting phrase..
    if i use gmail everyday, always check on updates in my site list with google reader, user google to find almost everything.. i’m a google addict too?

    yeah, i think.. :p


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