Making good software from free software

Yesterday I’ve got to seminar held in Cikarang, west Java. I believe the place located is much higher than Jakarta and closer to the sun, because its more dam* hot than jakarta. Luckily the seminar held inside the building with AC.

Back to subject, actually it’s no seminar really, it’s a introduction of e-procurement application, where this application has been release since September 2006. What make me interested that the application was build using free software, running on free software platform

I just remember that on my previous meeting with client, they offer me the program that build under free software license. When I ask to my friends i found out that they are using free software license, why? because they can make the price to very low price without worried of legalizations. Hhhmm pretty smart move. I know that this is a strategic way to build software and earn it big :).

Hey, you can just need free software, you need a person who use this software. So instead to buy software you know can pay the programmer much higher than before.

For Example, I found that an application build with Oracle express Edition, Java, PHP, and apache, and mysql. price of those application? free.

Price of the software created by those free application? well I can’t say the exactly of the price, because the application is build for different purpose, from a web homepage to transactional application, please figure out the price.

The knowledge of oracle, mysql, php, java is very precious, if you have certificate you can get better salary.But what I intend is you can change the cost from buying the software to paying the programmer with better salary, because their knowledge and skills is more valuable than the price of the software.

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  1. So which one do you think should have a better salary between two same-level of knowledge programmer, the one who using commercial software, or the other one who using free software? 🙂


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