Slampp live cd

Right now I’m using slampp on my virtual pc and connected through ssh with putty.
I haven’t try the GUI, since i need the command line editor.

root@slampp:~# vi
-su: vi: command not found

WHAT??? no vi?

root@slampp:~# joe
-su: joe: command not found

gggrrrhhhhh no joe too?

root@slampp:~# pico

Now the application is running, but since i don’t familiar with pico, I think I’m just gonna use mc 🙂

Aniway this distribution is complete enough for those who want to try to build/learning server on linux and don’t want to install it on the harddisk.
This is build by Kemas Antonius. I’m proud of you

I try as live CD and the xfce window manager is impress me, the firefox have some plugin too.
Too bad they don’t have openoffice, but hey this is a server don’t expect much.
Oh ya I can’t install it on my computer.

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  1. Thank you for your review Andriansah.

    At this moment SLAMPP doesn’t include vi or joe as editors. I usually use mcedit to edit the files. Of course everyone has their own preferences. But, I will have a look whether vi will be included in the next release of SLAMPP.

    Regarding installation problem, did you try to install using the HD installation program or did that manually?

    Please respond to SLAMPP’s blog if you don’t mind. Thank you.


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