Tips memberi nama bayi

This post is for couple who still looking for name for their baby, don’t try to find in under table, because you never find it 🙂

I have this experience back in where we were expecting our first baby :), future daddy and future mommy trying to find best name for their child, but sometimes end up in fighting :). So you have to compromise to find name, because the name will last forever but you wouldn’t.

  1. Buy or rent books about name and find the name suit with your future child.
  2. or if you found words that sound cool then write it down
  3. find name for boy or girl, because you will need it
  4. make list of name you things is cool

Now the next step is very important (at least for me)

  1. I don’t want my child to have common name
  2. I want my child to have good name

So this is what I do

  1. Find it on google or others search engine, is the name is already exist?
  2. Modification common name, so you create new name 🙂
  3. If you “singkat” there should be meaning
  4. at last, cek in friendster 🙂

well I hope this tips can help you and your partner find new name for your future baby :0

7 thoughts on “Tips memberi nama bayi”

  1. better not to give islamic name.
    do u know why?
    he/she will have problem during international trip.
    discriminated all over the world, especially if you lived as a minority.
    how do i know?
    dont ask 🙂


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