How to drink coffee

I don’t regularly drink coffee like ntub or anyone else, why not? just because when I drink coffee sometime, yap sometime my heart will agresively beating and this make me uncomfortable. But that was then, today when I drink coffee I dont feel like that again, I don’t is it because of my new habit to jogging everyday or this just my health is going better and better.

Usually I drink instant coffee, just open the sachet and pour it with hot water, add 2 spoon of sugar and 1 spoon of coffee creame.

But when I went to bandung and visit “Kopi Aroma” I think I’m gonna stop drink instant coffee and switch to regular coffee, why? because the smell of coffee is very good, how do I describe it? well just get a back of coffee and smell it 🙂

How to drink coffee, well I will write my way on how to drink coffee, so if you don’t agree with my way on how to drink

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