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It all started last month, when my bandwith limit is reaching to the limit, I finnaly realize that I have to find new place on the blog (not New Kids On The Block, ow, you’re so oldies). Actually I really don’t need new place, but I thought that I might be want to host new domain, a couple of new domain for myself, my wife, and maybe for my family.

After blogwalking and search via I found 1 place to host my domain and my future domain, it’s Why I choose dream host for my new place on the blog?

Because dreamhost give me 200gb space (yap, it’s you read it right) and 2tb of bandwith and another 16gb of bandwith every weeks and what I like is they allow me to host multiple domain with 1 account :). Don’t forget it give me 1 free domain as a gift :).

After I post my need that I need new place, comments are comming and 1 of the comment give me promocode at This promocode give you discount for USD$97 for 1 year hosting. I take 1 year subscription with crazy domain insane package. With this promocode I only pay for USD$22,4/year, it’s equal for Rp. 203.840 (USD$1 = Rp. 9.100).

For all of you who want to switch your webhosting, I suggest you to choose with promocode panas97Welcome to new place on the blog

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  1. #Rivo yubara:
    halah, kebanyakan hosting indon juga reseller hosting luar negeri kok. jadi, ya sama saja, malah kalo pake hosting dalam negeri kita keluar lebih banyak uwang.


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