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STNK re-registration

This morning I’m goint to SAMSAT, to extend car registration (STNK), because it’s almost expire in this month. So I prepare the BPKB, STNK and KTP of my self.

I come to samsat at 7:40 am (according to parking ticket 🙂 entering the office, but hey, office hour start at 8:00 – 15:0o. So while waiting for the counter to open I’m going to photocopy those paper I mention Above cost rp. 2000, don’t ask way

Then At 8:00 the counter 1a is open, I get the form and fill it for registration, give back the to counter 1b and waiting 8:04.

8:25 A voice call me from counter 2a and give me the tax form to pay in cahier counter or bank counter, I paid tax and waiting



9:04 voice call me to get my STNK and copy of my tax payment.

So total hours is 1 hours, total cost beside the tax is Rp. 2000 for photo copy

So don’t worry to extend your STNK by your self 🙂

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